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Geotechnical Engineering Services

During construction, what is under a piece of property can be just as important as what is being built on top of it. Contaminated soil, “old fill”, groundwater, karst topography, and more unknowns can be disastrous for a construction project. The following benefits make Patriot Engineers invaluable members of your engineering and design team. Patriot’s geotechnical engineering services can:

  • Improve foundation design
  • Reduce construction delays
  • Minimize expensive over-design


Site Suitability Evaluation
Preliminary Subsurface Investigation
Project Feasibility Studies


Geotechnical Investigations
Landfill Engineering Construction
QA/QC Landfill Testing
Landfill Siting
Mining Studies
Subsurface Exploration
Foundation Engineering
Erosion Control Design
Earth Dam and Levee Assessment
Pavement Subgrade Design
Specification Preparation or Review
Embankment Design
Fill Material Evaluation
Top Soil Surveys
Slope Stability Analysis
Geophysical Surveys


Atterberg Limits
Shrinkage Limits
Moisture Content
Grain Size Analysis
Organic Content
Proctors (Standard and Modified)
California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Specific Gravity
Hydraulic Conductivity
Unconfined Compressive Strength
Triaxial Sheer


Earthwork Monitoring
Pile Driving Monitoring
Foundation Installation Monitoring
Construction Dewatering Evaluation
Design and Installation of Instrumentation
Review of Excavation Bracing
Ground Water Monitoring


Failure Investigation
Expert Testimony
Instrumentation Program Development
Foundation Underpinning Consulting
Landslide Remediation

The Geotechnical Engineering Group

Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc. provides clients exceptional talent within our Geotechnical Engineering Group.  The Geotechnical Group consists of seventeen (17) engineers, six (6) having Masters Degrees, one (1) having a Ph.D. degree and a total of eleven (11) of the engineers being registered as professional engineers. The Geotechnical Group also has geologists, soil laboratory technicians, and drillers; who assist this group as needed with laboratory testing, fieldwork and coordination.

Along with exceptional personnel, our soil laboratory is a very intricate component of our services.  The quality control of our soils laboratory is evaluated on a regular basis by an independent laboratory accreditation group.  Our soils laboratory is accredited by AASHTO Material Reference Laboratory (AMRL).  In addition, as a second level of laboratory quality control, Patriot participates in the AMRL proficiency sample program.  This program allows our laboratory to check both our instrumentation and our operators under actual testing conditions, compare individual test results with the average of a large body of results so that corrective action may be taken where broad discrepancies occur, and to evaluate the quality of test results, which thereby helps reduce the risk of disputes due to testing errors.