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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Located on a 1,350 acre brownfield site, the production facility includes conventional steel framed buildings with concrete columns, roof structures with skylights, metal wall panels with windows, and a single-ply membrane roof. The plant has the capacity to produce 150,000 mid-sized vehicles annually.




Patriot’s duties on this project include:


  • 2.1 Million Square Feet Under Roof
  • 5,286 concrete cylinders cast to date
  • 64 FF/FL Performed
  • Roller Compacted Concrete to be placed on all access roads and parking areas in lieu of asphalt
  • All structural columns were pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete instead of steel
  • Performing Paint Cratering Tests for VW
  • Structural Steel-Merrill Iron & Steel, Schofield, Wisconsin-CMC Steel Products, Hope, Arkansas-FabArc, Oxford, Alabama
  • Pre-cast Concrete Columns-Metromont, Hiram, Georgia-Mid-South Prestress, Pleasant View, Tennessee