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Louisville, Kentucky

The McAlpine Locks Replacement Project provides for a new 110 foot by 1,200-foot lock to replace the inactive 56-foot by 360 foot lock and the 110 foot by 600 foot auxiliary lock.  The project consisted of two 1,200-foot locks.  The McAlpine Locks and Dam pass an average of 58.7 million tons of commodities annually.






Patriot’s duties on this project included:


  • 2000 to 2009– Thru 2006, Two Full-Time Crews (One night/weekend crew)
  • On-site Laboratory, On-Site Supervision
  • 2001 – Largest Continuous Concrete Placement in Kentucky, 11,000 cubic yards
  • Caissons and Spread Foundations
  • Concrete Placement Monitoring – Maturity Meter
  • Grout Monitoring – Structural Steel
  • Flowable Fill Concrete Inspection
  • Roller Compacted Concrete Inspection
  • Cofferdam Cell Inspections
  • Piezometer Well Monitoring