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Crude Oil Release

Carmi, Illinois

During a site inspection in July 2013, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) discovered approximately 20 barrels of crude oil and at least 25 barrels of formation brine in a drainage ditch that is a tributary of the Little Wabash River.  In addition, the IEPA discovered 15 to 20 barrels of crude oil storage tank bottoms applied to and adjacent driveway, the result of a home owner attempting to suppress dust. Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc. was contacted by the owner and emergency response operations began immediately.  Patriot’s services included the construction of four underflow dams along the spill path and the installation of booms below the last dam to collect any oil or oil sheen that remained downstream.  The two westernmost underflow dams were re-built because they were overtopped during a six-inch rainfall event. Sumps were constructed along the length of the ditch to collect oily liquids prior to removal by vacuum trucks.  A total of 1,005 barrels (42,209 gallons) of contaminated liquid was manifested to a saltwater disposal well in Edwards County, Illinois. Lime chips were incorporated into the contaminated soil to solidify it prior to excavation and disposal in a Southern Illinois landfill.  A total of 1,322.22 tons of contaminated soil was manifested to the landfill.  As a result, the driveway, a parking area behind the residence, and eastward toward the ditch was completely removed to a depth of 8 to 10 inches.  A total of 332.20 tons of rock was placed in the driveway following the removal of the contaminated gravel and soil.  On July 29, 2013, an IEPA representative conducted a follow-up site inspection and it was noted that all of the areas impacted from the release had been completely and effectively remediated in an effective and timely manner