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Ecological Consulting


A number of legal and financial concerns have created a new social awareness regarding wellness and our environment. Public demand for a clean environment and safe workplace manifests the need for environmental consulting services that maintain a realistic balance between business operations and environmental stewardship.

To that end, Patriot has added these new Ecological Services to our consulting practice, thus increasing the range of service to our clients. Specifically, they are intended to be used in the preliminary processes of site selection and permitting.

It is always the goal of Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc. to provide our clients with the best possible services. The addition of our Ecological Division will serve to further this aim while providing optimal value for your project.


This is a two part investigation, which is composed of a wetland determination and (if necessary) a wetland delineation. The determination phase is – as the name suggests – where a physical survey of the property determines the presence of any wetland communities. In the delineation phase, the boundaries of any wetland communities found are located and marked.


Impacts to any wetland communities located within the project site require mitigation. This is the process where by impacted wetlands are replaced by “like kind” communities constructed within the same watershed as the original wetland community. Yet, all mitigation requires permitting from the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

While this process is complex, Patriot is well suited to navigate the intricacies of these processes to yield satisfactory results for our clients.


As the pace of development progresses, it places increasing pressures on the cultural and historical artifacts contained within our soils. Thus, it has become increasingly necessary have archeological surveys done on properties prior to purchase to avoid any delays during construction due to the discovery of artifacts.Patriot and its consulting partners can provide this service for our clients.


The increasing pace of development has also placed greater pressures on threatened and endangered species. By having a property surveyed prior to purchase and/or construction, our clients can avoid serious delays with their project.

Our surveys are comprised of two parts. The first is a physical reconnaissance of the property to identify potential species habitat. The second is through the utilization of NEPA and similar search documents.


Our staff is comprised of degreed and registered Environmental Scientists and Biologists. Each has received extensive training in the relevant areas pertaining to these types of investigations.

Contact Mike Moir
Ecological Services Manager