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Indianapolis, IN

Soil Lab Technician

Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc – Indianapolis, Indiana

Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc is a diverse engineering firm providing geotechnical, environmental, and construction material testing services and consultation to commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. Patriot provides the specific information you need to make informed, cost-effective business decisions; which will help you reduce net cost, decrease risk and improve the quality of your organization’s project outcome.

The lab technician role is an integral part of delivering high quality services to our clients across Indiana. This position involves a support role as part of a team that that measures and analyses soil samples for engineering design related construction projects.

Job Description:

  • Performs accurately all tests described in the laboratory standard operating procedures. The standard tests include Index Testing for soils such as Atterberg limits, Hydrometer, gradation, loss on ignition and moisture contents.
  • Works closely with the Geotechnical staff and will be responsible for performing advanced geotechnical tests such as triaxial, direct shear, consolidation, permeability and other ASTM and AASHTO test procedures.
  • Carry out verbal and written instructions effectively, retrieve and interpret information from technical manuals, as well as work with numbers.
  • Possess communication skills necessary to discuss projects with coworkers, managers and engineers.
  • Attention to detail required, including the ability to distinguish colors and shades in soil descriptions, utilize small and delicate laboratory equipment and follow test procedures accurately.
  • Perform wide range of physical activities including sustained walking, bending twisting standing, reaching and perform medium to heavy work including occasionally lifting over 50 lbs.


  • High School diploma or better in education
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

Position also includes the following benefits: health, dental, disability, 401(k), vacation, and personal leave.

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