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200 West North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH

Laboratory Supervisor

The Ohio Region is seeking a new Laboratory Supervisor. The Lab Supervisor role is an integral part of delivering high quality services to our clients across Ohio. Our CCRL and AMRL laboratory accreditation requires that this role be filled by a person with certain qualifications and credentials.

Patriot prefers all candidates applying for this position meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a MINIMUM of 3 years concrete and soil/rock testing
  • High School diploma or better in education
  • NICET Level II Soils
  • Ohio Level I Aggregate Technician

The laboratory supervisor will be expected to perform accurately all tests described in the laboratory standard operating procedures. The standard tests include Index Testing for soils such as Atterberg limits, gradation, loss on ignition, swell tests and moisture contents. The position will also work closely with the Geotechnical staff and will be responsible for performing advanced geotechnical tests such as triaxial, direct shear, consolidation, rock point load, rock durability, permeability and other ASTM test procedures.

The Supervisor will have a working knowledge of the relevant ASTM’s and their requirements. The Laboratory Supervisor will also be able to manage the data generated from these tests and create reports in a timely fashion.

The ability to perform a variety of material tests in accordance with applicable ASTM and AASHTO standards for cementitious materials such as concrete, masonry grout and mortar, fireproofing and soil cement and lime mixtures.

In addition, the Laboratory Supervisor will be responsible for supervising the laboratory technicians. These duties will include training, review, and delegation of resources as they pertain to the technicians.

All calibration records shall be kept by the Laboratory Supervisor. Maintenance records and testing equipment inventories shall also be kept by the Supervisor. Maintenance and calibration schedules shall be kept and implemented by the Supervisor as needed.

Participating in the maintenance, procurement and auditing of the equipment is paramount to your success as a lab and shall be the responsibility of the supervisor.

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